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 The eye of a photographer. The heart of an artist. LIQUID EMULSION The art of Jerry Poscovsky. I look inside the image to capture it's soul. With my photographer's eye and artist's heart, i am able to look inside my subjects and feel its inner story and bring it to life. I use instant photography cameras. Once i capture that moment in time i am able to interupt it's inner story. I use the light and enviorment to capture that moment. I paint my image on top of the one of a kind photo image. There is no digital enhancements or effects done in a computer. Once i paint the image in either watercolor or wax pastel that photo image becomes part of the the origional art. The image is 2.5 inches x 5 inches in size. I offer the origional art for sale and scanned images. My career has included ilustration, photography, animation, television, film, advertising and publishing. 

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get in touch with jerry at jerryposcovsky@yahoo.com

jerry poscovsky